Fast Social: News in/for the Social Economy – week 45

get-in-vogue-with-hip-hop-jewelryA lot of important events took place this week, but none more so than the release of Tinie Tempah‘s ‘difficult second album’. A cerebral, thought-provoking work of art, he boldly positions himself as a ‘Schumpeter for the Millennials‘ with his incisive summation of the cyclical nature of capitalism and the ever-pervasive issue of commodity fetishism.

“When I was a kid I used to save up for my Nikes, now all the other kids they got to save up for my Nikes “.

Beautiful! Spare a thought then for the others who literally wasted words trying to follow up this act, like Russell Brand. He’s still chipping away at the democratic fabric of contemporary Britain. Nice try mate, but where’s the fat bass?

It makes you wonder if the Social Economy could do with more cussing and ass-shaking? Would the future of the Grameen Bank be more secure if Professor Yunus was escorted by an entourage all the time and only negotiated with the Bangladeshi government in the form of rap battles? Would community-ownership look more attractive to policy-makers if it was wrapped in a silver puffa jacket with a tattoo on its neck saying ‘The Answer‘?

It would certainly help in terms of spin. The Co-op Bank could justify it’s decision to cut its branch network by 15% by exclaiming ‘you got to speculate to accumulate innit fam’. Big Business could justify new OECD findings that an ever larger share of the benefits of growth accrues to owners of capital, not workers, by summoning up the spirit of Tupac, “That’s just the way it is!”. McDonalds would probably want a bite of that cherry too, as new research suggests it is subsidised by the American state, as it’s $1.5 billion profits are almost completely offset by the $1.2 billion American taxpayers are shelling out each year for public assistance to the McDonald’s workforce. ‘Mo’ money, mo’ problems!’.

Despite the gloom, there were also some great celebrations this week of the work being done in the Social Economy to make shit better. The Emerge conference in Oxford saw lots of mostly young people stop thinking about Air Max for a minute and instead about how they may change the world for the better. Read what happened here.

The Good Deals social investment conference was also this week, where the new (and quite bling) SE100 index was launched. They also announced three SE100 Award winners (watch the amazing videos on each here), before awarding 100,ooo fat ones to Timewise Foundation.

Because it’s all about the Benjamins baby. Put that Cristal on ice!


6 thoughts on “Fast Social: News in/for the Social Economy – week 45

    1. Thanks Jeff, another interesting post. I’m planning to write a longer post soon about persuasive arguments as to why more businesses should become social. Would be interested to get your thoughts on that too once it’s published.

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