Fast Social: News for the week beginning 26th August

This week’s social enterprise sector news, redefining ‘twerkin’ to mean tweeting and working:

  • Dan Gregory has written an interesting report for BSC and BLF into the future of social investment, with particular regard to the infrastructure that supports the market. He argues that when it comes to financing social enterprises, we can all too often lose perspective, as the devil is in the detail. So we need angels in the architecture. Perhaps he should change his name to Dan Brown? Or perhaps we should call him Al?
  • PwC have pressed the Northern Ireland government to do more for social enterprises in the country. In particular, they suggest that the N.I. government should launch a programme to identify charities that could become social enterprises and support them to do so. While presumably well intentioned, it highlights some interesting preconceptions about growth being inherently good, and the lack of it amongst voluntary organisations being a bad thing. Either way, the N.I. government will probably want to find a high profile administrator for such a fund. I wonder who it will be?
  • Cooperatives UK, which represents the UK’s cooperative movement, have elected a woman as their chair for the first time in 143 years of the movement. This being the same movement that has championed gender equality for 143 years.
  • Ashoka published their latest thoughts about ‘scaling up’ in the Stanford Social Innovation Review this week, with a very simple equation – scale = partnership. Very interesting, though they probably won’t be winning any maths prizes.
  • The RSA have launched a search to identify and bring together the UK’s most promising individuals of African origin with a desire to support African communities. The project, called Diaspora ChangeMakers, will encompass a number of activities, among them leadership development courses to build the capacity of participants for making change, and the creation of a new Diaspora ChangeMakers Network to help them share ideas and work together on new projects. The programme will run until early 2015. May be you fit the bill? If so, apply here:
  • It was the 50th anniversary this week of Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I have a dream speech’. There’s an interesting article from the US Attorney General, reflecting on what has been achieved in that time and what more remains. There was also a moving recital of the speech by the great and the good on Radio 4, which included social entrepreneur Professor Yunus.

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