Fast Social: News for the week 1st-5th July 2013

cartoon-sandwich-8This week’s news is slowly recovering from paying £6 for a chicken sandwich made up of, erm, chicken, mayo and iceberg lettuce! You’ve got to give credit to Hackney cafes for one thing at least-they know how to sell shit!

Unlike many social enterprises, who need more support marketing their products.

Speaking of pushing products, a new report out this week showed that the social investment market grew by almost a quarter in 2011/12. Furthermore, said report also showed that 430 people working at social investment intermediaries generated 765 deals and created 610 additional jobs.

Away from one world of spin to another world of spin, Chris White MP, the government’s Social Value Ambassador, responded to last weeks Chi Onwurah article in The Guardian with one of his own. Then he popped over to Middle Earth (aka Birmingham) to unleash a series of mini-mes upon the West Midlands (aka new Social Value Local Authority Champions, who have been introduced in the region to work with local authorities and embed the social value culture).

Finally, the latest figures from SEUK’s biennial State of Social Enterprise survey show that more and more social enterprises are trading with the Third Sector. And if that wasn’t enough collaboration to end a week, there was further evidence that cooperative entrepreneurs are more successful than those who go it alone. The article also suggests that the combative stereotyping of entrepreneurs as portrayed through programmes such as The Apprentice and Dragons Den is damaging to our chances of economic growth and productivity in the UK. Perhaps these entrepreneurs should just charge more for their sandwiches?


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