Fast Social: News for the week 10th – 14th June 2013

  • Where have all good men gone? Chris White MP was handing out ferrero rocher in Leamington high street this week, prompting the government to appoint him as the first Social Value Ambassador.
  • And where are all the gods? Speaking of Knights in shining armour, two great new support programmes for social entrepreneurs launched this week. Firstly Deloitte announced a new round of their Pioneers programme, and then Nominet announced they’ve teamed up with Martha Lane and co to support ‘social tech’.
  • Where’s the street-wise Hercules? Treading where few dare, nef and Business in the Community entered the City walls this week to release a report on the future of banking and (whisper it) responsible business!
  • To fight the rising odds? Following on from that, and looking suspiciously like a trailer for a superhero movie, this video highlights what the B Team are planning to do. They’ve got a pet puma, so do as they say!
  • I need a hero: enter the dark, charismatic Ed Miliband, talking about predistribution – the role of the state in markets. Meanwhile, over at LSE Marianna Mazzucato suggested that we’ve ‘socialised the risk of innovation but privatised the rewards’. Both opinions of which present interesting future challenges for the social enterprise sector. Better dust off that cape!

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